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How often should I disinfect my home / office / school?

In High Traffic areas once every 2 weeks, or if you have a suspected or positive case.

How long does it take to sanitise my home / office / school?

The length of time depends on the size of the structure (eg. 100sqm will take around 15 to 20 min to complete). Clear Hygiene will give you an indication of the time needed before we begin.

How soon after sanitisation / fumigation can people go back into the building?

For safety and health reasons, we recommend waiting at  least an hour, before returning back into the building.

Can you sanitise one part of an office while another department keeps working in a different part of the office?

Only if other the part of the office is completely closed / sealed off.

Are your products certified and approved?

Yes they are. We're registered and approved by the SABS, with NRCS and SASAC. From the start Clear Hygiene has ensured that our services and products meet all regulatory requirements.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes, our products are guaranteed. We have LAB reports and MSDS available as well.

What is the difference between fumigation and sanitisation?

Fumigation is a method of application, while Sanitisation is the disinfection of an object / surface / area.

Do you supply a Sanitisation / Fumigation Certificate of Proof?

Yes we do. Our certificate meets all the regulatory requirements you will need. 

Does Clear Hygiene have a license to sanitise and fumigate?

Yes we do. We are registered with SASAC (Southern African Sanitisation Association Council).

Why is it important to use officially approved and licensed products when sanitising / fumigating?

Non-approved and un-licensed products may be harmful or even fatal if used / applied incorrectly, and may also be ineffective. Clear Hygiene only uses and trusts LAB proven and tested products.

Why should I use Clear Hygiene?

Clear Hygiene offers a safe, professional and cost effective fumigation / sanitising service to our customers. Our team is well trained, and our work is thorough. Your safety and health is our top priority, and you can be assured that our work meets the highest standards.


We are proud to be an approved vendor of the South African Sanitisation Association Council (sasac)


  • Office, School, Vehicle and Home Sanitisation

  • Sanitisation and Fumigation Consulting

  • Sanitiser Fogger and Machine

  • Surface Disinfectant and Sanitiser

  • Hand Sanitiser (70% alcohol liquid and gel)

  • Anti-Bacterial Dish Washing Liquid

  • Anti-Bacterial Dispenser Hand Soap

  • Hand and Surface Sanitiser Liquid

  • Surgical and Medical Masks

  • DIY Fog Cans

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